The communication is, nowadays, an inescapable component of any activity which is profit-seeking or social.

Communicate in the sense to pass on the information introduce the dialogue through the division and the exchange of opinion and contributes to install the understanding and the harmony within a family such as that of the RCCT.

This reorganized and modernized site comes to fill a for a long time regretted but ever exceeded gap and expresses the ambition of the committee to build a long-lasting link and a constructive and free space of expression with the members of the club and give, towards the outside, the image of a modern and welcoming club rich in a long story.

An exceptional story which began in 1914 with its foundation under the name of Diplomatic Country Club under the era of Sultan MOULAY ABDELAZIZ.

Drawn by the architects COTTON and PENNINK the golf of Tangier is the first golf created in the Mediterranean Basin and one of the oldest of Africa.

His majesty late Hassan II which granted to the golf of Tangier its high benevolence lets in him(it) towards the end of the sixties ten to the modernity while preserving her its natural and authentic character and by implying in its renovation her own architects there.

The course of the golf of Tangier, redrawn in 2000 to CRACK HARRADINE, architect of good name presents hilly fairways, in the multiple attractions, surrounded with pines, spruces and eucalyptus which make it a place privileged by leisure and by sport of more than 60 hectares situated in only 3 kilometres of the town centre.

The story of the golf of Tangier was also made by its cultural size due to the admixture of different nationalities which mixed since almost century and in the international fame there that membership in his city green Tangier, Crossroads of Civilization and gateway to Africa for the old continent.

Since his creation the golf of Tangier saw following one another in his space of illustrious visitors: heads of state, high-level foreign diplomats and eminent national and foreign personalities belonging to the worlds of the politics, the finance, the culture, the cinema and the sport.

So the RCCT always established a place of exchanges and multicultural and friendly division, which participated to shape its originality.

This is in a few words the summary of the story of the RCCT.

To know its story allows to arrest better its future.

Today, the RCCT continues to convey the same values as those who presided over his creation: sense of the honor and the equity, the sense of the good-companionship and the fair-play, is all which contributes to favor a climate of understanding and good agreement between his members.

These values must be taught our young people who will be the members of tomorrow and who will assure the continuity of our club.

Big challenges wait for us to improve the governance of the club, raise the level of our courses and our installations, and allow more young people to practise the golf through the creation of an academy.

We owe, by a continuous action of promotion of the golf as noble and accessible sport, to convince the local and regional institutions of our contribution in the city of Tangier and in its region on the sports, cultural and tourist plans.

Let us hitch we together to surmount these challenges and to make of the celebration of the centenary of our club next year, the opportunity to demonstrate the love and passion we have for them.

Mohamed Bouhriz